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Happy Birthday Aliyah :)

so little aliyah broke my heart today. she had told me yesterday that she planned a birthday party over the weekend for aunts and uncles, and NOONE could show up. so yesterday was her birthday, and she was all excited because she was going to have a birthday celebration at home. well, today, i had a chance to sit one-on-one with her and read, and she started telling me about how yesterday was the worst birthday EVER. she said the only one out of her family of like 8 or 9 people that live in her house, that was there to celebrate was her mother. it was just her and her mom chillin in front of her birthday cake. just to THINK of the sad look on that little girls face KILLS ME. God. she said her brothers are mean to her, and they were too busy to have cake. GOD. It fucking BREAKS MY HEART. Aliyah has to be the SWEETEST girl in our whole class. she is always thinking of everyone else, always obeys the rules, and is always all smiles. It literally KILLS ME to think of such a sweet little girl getting treated so poorly. She is a quiet one too. And unfortunately, the misbehaving children always end up getting the most attention. And when you don't have a chance to spend alot of one on one time with these kids day to day, you forget that they are not only just 8 year olds, they have stuff going on at home too. And its usually the ones you think are fine that have it the roughest. Poor Aliyah. This is my wakeup call. From here on in, I will make sure that no day goes by that I don't spend a little time with some of the good kids. It gets very challenging at times, but just because they obey the rules and are quiet, doesn't mean they don't need to be heard. They just want to be sure someone is listening first. I should know all about this... I'm the same way.

Anywhoo... I spent my evening baking Aliyah a cake, and making her a birthday card for the class to sign, because I fully intend on having a little celebration in class tomorrow for her. And I hope, she will be beaming like always. She is so cute... definitely one of my favorites, and she deserves this.

Happy Birthday Aliyah!! :)
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